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soccer as a struggling sport

Soccer as a Struggling Sport

Soccer is a sport loved by all, played throughout the world by both kids and professionals, it has become a culture. But these recent COVID breakouts have stunted the soccer industry. The coronavirus pandemic has forced sport around the world to cease, with the summer Olympics in Tokyo postponed and the most famous soccer tournament, the World Cup, held every four years has now been postponed, the stadiums you once saw packed with a cheering crowd are now empty and the great players and teams who worked the ball strategized and flowed as one are now scattered and quarantined. We are inclined to believe that sport may be our way to prevent this Disease.

Major Benefits of Soccer

As it is known that sports or any physical exertion are beneficial for our immune system, it builds us from the inside and helps us fight covid19. Besides soccer has uncountable health benefits like improved aerobic capacity, which enables you to utilize oxygen in your body during an intense workout, it also improves cardiovascular health, bone health and builds muscle thus giving your immunity a boost and a better chance of surviving COVID. It will also help people release all the pent up energy after an arduous lockdown, soccer can play a major role in the recovery of the world by bringing people together and promoting team effort.

WHO and FIFA in times of COVID19

The WHO and FIFA have taken an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle through soccer, these two organizations have decided to work together, and bring a healthy lifestyle globally. Through this collaboration, the soccer industry hopes to get a revival and the WHO gets to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout the world.

Challenges faced by the soccer industry and players

The soccer community has faced a few challenges when it comes to the prevention of this disease, so it is necessary for all players to disinfect the ball before every game and after. Also sanitize frequently touched surfaces on the field, court, or play surface at least daily, or between uses as much as possible. The use of shared objects and equipment should be limited or cleaned between use by each individual if possible.

The world going back to normal

On the bright side, the stadiums will now be open, which means that sports athletes can resume their individual training and are allowed to enter the stadiums. But, the spectators are still now allowed, which means that the big sporting events will be kept at bay. So let’s not waste this opportunity and start a healthy lifestyle from today.

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